My first attempts at photography


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Jul 15, 2003
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Portsmouth UK
I recently bought a digital camera and I've taken a few shots that i feel came out pretty well, and i've been thining about getting into photography and out of IT support :p

Please let me know what you think and if i have any potental

First one came out a little burred but i think its still pretty good..





the second and fourth ones look fantastic. its all about the lighting baby! :p

for some reason I thought they were holding paintball guns, upon looking closer, i realised they had less paint and more metal in them. care to explain? :D
Ah, you were quite close on the paintball idea. It is actually a lesser known sport known as "Airsoft Skirmishing" Pretty much the same idea as paintball, but with 1:1 replica weapons that fire plastic BB's. In simple terms, grown men with far too much money and spare time running around woodland shooting at each other with BB guns.

Provides some good unique shots though :D

The second and forth ones lighting was enhanced nicely due to a white smoke grenade had been set off about 10 minutes before..
first off... that sound like a blast!!!

all good shots, I like number 2 the best.

The only thing, the first one looks to have some camera shake or somthing.
great shots!!!! :D .. i think i like #1 and #3 the best ... i love the perspective
Thanks for the explanation....I was wondering how obviously non-military types (the uniforms are non-issue) could get their hands on M16's or what looks like a Mini 14 with flash suppressor due to the gun laws in the UK.
BTW, if that was a real M16 then that first guy would have a very sore shoulder and probably busted glasses.
Loved that second and fourth's the lighting of course!
Good work!

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