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Aug 20, 2005
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I want to upload many photos somewhere nice. It should have a huge amt of space available - I thought Google Picassa was a place where I could store the photos in Google's server then realized that its a photo manger tool.

MSN Spaces is good but the resize is small - I was hoping for better resize - if not the original dimension.

Is there any other place where I can upload my photos and attach keywords to each photo ? Skyscraperpage has the keywords for each photo facility but its only for skyscrapers.

I would suggest which I still use for storing some of my photos, but there is an increasing unhappiness all around for this site since they choose to randomly resize photos to match their own maximum k's allowed, even when the users have previously downsized their photos to a webfriendly 600x400 or so. Photos with a lot of information in them (many leaves, grass, houses etc) get sized down even more then.

Dang, I ought to know where there is the thread on sites on to which photos can be uploaded, but I don't... :roll:

Anyhow, welcome to ThePhotoForum, Anjanesh, and enjoy your time here.
Show us all the skyscraper photos you have! :D

One of the best deals on the net. $12 US for a 100MB account and then you can buy 50MB chuncks of extra space at $6 a peice. Extremely reliable - accepts full size images - allows direct linking - password protected galleries - full EXIF information for your shots displayed - and here is the best part NO ADS. That's right folks - not one even tiny ad on the entire site! I love that!

This is excellent. Actually I got my own website where I can store the photos but Im afraid of the bandwidth usage. Moreover my space is limited to 75MB and each photo is over 2 MB with my 6MP camera !
Anja - you will want to re-size images if you're going to display them here. I recommend about 640x480 or 800x600 at 72dpi at about 75% compression for web viewing - that way the files will be mostly under 100Kb and will fit on people's screens.

Obviously keep the full-size ones on your local machine - don't overwrite them with web-sized versions. I have usually three folders: originals, print and web. I optimise pictures - cropping sharpening etc, then put them in print and resize them down and put them in web.

Photoshare allows for 5GB of direct photo linking bandwidth per month. That seems very generous to me.

Thats excellent Jared. But if theres anything that requires payment then I might as well buy some shared-host out there - it'll be in my control anyway with no limitations., keeps getting better.
anjanesh said:
Thats excellent Jared. But if theres anything that requires payment then I might as well buy some shared-host out there - it'll be in my control anyway with no limitations.

You are correct - but I would rather pay to not have the hassles of managing it myself. If you are looking for free - then your options are much more limited. I think that photobucket is about the best free site out there - but it has some serious limitations with a free account.

Good luck to you....

but it has some serious limitations with a free account
Like what ? [Other than resizing]. offers 5GB space and 250GB bandwidth a month shared hosting for $36 a yr ! For those of you looking only for image storage, 1and1 seems to be a good deal - too bad its only available to US and UK customers !
anjanesh said:
Like what ? [Other than resizing].

The free accounts on photobucket are ad-ridden and I am not kidding. Everything is blinking and flashing on the free account pages. Can't stand that.

But they allow direct linking to the images - does this have any limitation like deletion of files after a while ?
No. Unless you delete your photos, they can stay on there for as long as you like. It remains a free service all the while.
The only thing that bugs ME about Photobucket is their random downsizing.

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