Good year blimp


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Jul 22, 2003
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Cloverdale B.C. Canada
This has been in the air in our area for a couple weeks now.

Not bad!
The detail on the blimp is quite good considering it's on the shaded side.
I've a question...why the double postings with just the word "fixed" in the second ones?
I feel I'm letting myself in for something here...but bump what up?
bump is to keep the post near the top of the forum index. I (this is just me) think it is a cheesy way of getting ppl to talk about your post. I have losts of post that just kinda fade way.... i just guess know one has much to say... no big deal off my back.

PS im not trying to be mean or anything about bumping... just a pet peev i guess :)
But the "bump" was only added 4 hours later...maybe a day later I could understand.
This raises an interesting point however and that is how much people who post their shots are looking for feedback.
Personally I try to look at and comment on postings (that's why people post them after all) but hopefully more people will take note.
Keep posting anyway!
If it was to do with the non-working link then why not say so?
No one's asking you to delete anything it was just a simple question.
I'm well awre that nobody has asked me to delete anything. The thread has gotten off the topic and absolutely nothing to do with why it was originally posted.
Please, lets get back to the balloon or just let it die here.
i personally love any shots with the backdrop of a crystal blue sky.
is the good year blimp just an advertising tool or does it actually take people somewhere?

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