Goofin' with Kayla and her Buddy (5 Photos = 56k Warning!)

Discussion in 'People Photography' started by SkWeEkiE, Jan 23, 2007.

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    My baby wanted to take some pictures after church on Sunday, and her friend ended up coming to service so i offered for them to both take some pictures....they were laughing and giggling the ENTIRE time.

    I managed to get some "normal" shots but most were of them just goofin around.

    Wanted to share the Goofy ones :) Oh, and Kayla's shirt is open in the back, so you can see her green shirt in some shots. (in case it looks like a reflection or something)

    1. Charlie's Angels

    2. Wanna go steady?

    3. A duck quacked and it sounded like a FART, so they laughed

    4. Kayla almost fell in the nasty water, and Natalia caught her!

    5. Kayla jumping from the tree


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