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Jan 30, 2004
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Santa Barbara, CA
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This is just a goofy shot. In Avon Ohio every year there is a duct tape festival, and my wife is writing a preview article about it for one of Cleveland's newspapers. She needed some artwork to go with it, and the duck tape people weren't responding, so I did :p


Thanks for looking, and don't laugh too hard :p
Personally; duct tape has saved the shoot on more then one occasion. I would of put the shot in a more positive direction.

Seems to be a lot of contention as to wether it is Duct Tape or Duck Tape. What is the real story?
A duct tape festival? Really?

good shot BTW
JohnMF said:
A duct tape festival? Really?
Yeah, I'm surprised too! Matt, you should cover the event, if you get a chance!! :)
A duct tape festival?? Only in the heartland of the US would one find such a gathering!

Love the image! The contrasty lighting adds to the frustrated look on this fellows face. It would appear that he intends to slap that piece of tape over the yap of an overly critical mother-in-law.


Duct tape and duck tape are entirely different things. Duct tape was created to seal leaks in heating ductwork, while duck tape is actually an expression of warning. An example of its usage would be:
‘DUCK!! TAPE!!’ as the aforementioned mother-in-law throws the roll of duct tape at the fellow in Matt’s photo.
Thanks everyone. :)

The company that makes the tape calls it "duck tape". There's even little ducks on the inside of the roll :p

btw, that fellow in the photo is me! :p
Great photo!! :) The lighting is perfecet for this.. ALSO the company that makes the tape is Henkel.. the BRAND of the tape is Duck tape ;) hehe

Reviving this thread for a sec, because this picture is published today in the Cleveland Scene, in two spots. It's artwork to go with an article my wife wrote about the Duct Tape Festival, so there's a tiny pic by the article, but what I didn't realize is that there is a 4x5" or so sized pic of it on the table of contents page! :)

The real drag is that there is no credit or compensation. I just did it for my wife, because she needs some art for every article she writes. Oh well, I'm happy anyway :p
Wow, I really really love that shot. I couldn't help but laugh because I think that almost everyone has had to hunt down scissors to cut the duct tape and then couldn't find them and tried to use their teeth! :lol:

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