Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE 2020 for architecture photography

Nov 7, 2020
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Hello forum,
need help choosing one of these. I am looking for SMALL device for making technical architectural photos and video footage on-site, with quality good enough to use in presentations and renderings (the ones where you put a photo in a background behind the 3d model and bake the whole image). Seems like android options with cool cameras are giant 6.x"+ screens except for Google Pixel 4a.
I like iPhone more in terms of size, system smoothness, video quality, photo colors, but that damn lacking night mode that is present in Google Pixel make me think a lot. In comparison tests some pictures from Pixel seem more sharp.
So, important things are: long-lasting phone, details, natural colors, good video quality.
Not so important: selfie/portrait, hdr
Nght mode is something to consider, I am not going to do a lot of night shots, but the weather is not perfect all the time
What would you choose?

Advice for other phones are appreciated, here are some shots from my current Xiaomi Redmi 5a to see my starting quality I want to improve

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