Nikon launches D780

The original Canon 5D premiered at $3,500, but at the end of its life cycle you could buy one for 1,950 in u.s. dollars. I bought one in 2006 I think it was for $3,000 in a Factory kit box with the 24 to 105 mm f / 4 L series IS USM lens. Today you can buy a used Canon 5D for $250. I think it is one of the best values in a used full frame under $1,000, although the Nikon D610 is a better imager, and can be had for around $650 or less at times.
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If the camera is too expensive, then you cannot afford it. You will have to wait for refurbished and or used cameras of the same model to hit the market.

This has been my M.O. for quite a while now. It was the only way I could afford my current pride and joy, my D4.
I’m loving my D780!


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