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Dec 14, 2007
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hubby got me a olympus E-330 SLR camera with a 14-45mm lens. no external flash just yet and no compact flash memory card (just a regular one) as we are cheap and he bought these already used (not the memory card) off of craigslist.

now what do i do? i am still learning all the lingo and the ropes of my SLR and i am excited to get started.
you don't have a memory card that fits your camera?

Well then go buy one
i have been taking photos and i have a regular memory card but i dont know really how to use my SLR and i have a manual but it isn't all that understanding
what ever question you have just do a search on here and I'll bet you will find a answer. If not ask. Everyone here is real nice, A little sarcastic(not mentioning any names Sideburns)LOL but anything I have ever needed everyone here has been a great help!!!!:thumbup::thumbup: Welcome 2 the Forum!:mrgreen:
Well, i recommend reading the manual and google all the terms that you do not understand. But you can take your time and do that. Now, i think you should just put your camera on to the automatic modes and go out there to take pictures! I guess what you need to know for the moment is aperture and shutter speed. Then build from there. Take one step at a time.
Put the camera on autopilot and take photos and study the manual. When you're ready to leave automatic mode I'd suggest aperture priority. Don't worry about subject matter. I was taking pictures of a wrought-iron fence and a man asked me why. I explained I was seeing exactly what the depth of field was at various apertures with that lens. He seemed happy with the answer.
agreed.. don't get all tied up in the technical aspects of your new SLR. Just put it in full auto, study the manual a bit, and start shooting..

After getting comfortable with the camera, maybe pick up a good book on photography from the library and experiment. At least for me, I learned more through experimentation than anything else. Digital makes it a whole lot easier to experiment. I can't tell yah how many rolls of film burned through learning and experimenting. One topic to start out with would be composition... something you can start learning early on.

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