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Feb 21, 2010
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Without my knowledge or credit lol. Just happened to run across this site today through facebook and noticed they were using my image for one of their articles. The picture links directly to my homepage, but I wanted a little more credit than that or at least to know they were using it lol. I'm sure it's totally legal for them to use a shot like this from Flickr, but does linking the image back to the webpage count as credit?

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I'm still pretty psyched about it though, never had an image of mine picked for a random blog or online without me actually doing the posting.

original image from my flickr page:
Congrats, feels good when others want to use your images!

My thoughts, you didn't really ask, but soemthing I would personally do if it were my image...

From work I can't get to Flikr, but you might want to check what kind of rights you have on your photo images. Make sure you didn't put your sharing in some public domain instead of labeling it copyrighted or something. Otherwise, they shouldn't use it without your permission.

If your image is set to copyrighted, I would write them and ask them to change the tage from "Image from Flikr" to your name to give you credit. If not, then I would ask them to remove it.

Again, congrats on someone using your image. Recently someone contacted me to use an image for their travel magazine (online version not print). It was kind of neat to be asked. They asked how I wanted the credit to appear, and they put my name right below the image (which linked to my page).
Makes me wonder how much they PAID to license the Saints photo at the top........

Congrats though

myfotoguy, did you get that request from a message on flickr? I got one similar to it not too long ago, an online travel guide. I agreed to it, didn't see any harm in it lol.

I checked into the flickr copyright thing, I'll have to read into it more when I get off of work, but it seems like they have a program on there that will set the copyright with your own options set. I don't mind images to be used, but I want to be credited and for them to not edit them. There seems to be a level of copyright for that, but not sure if it's free or not. I'll read into it more though :)

Nice shot and congrats! I would write them a nice letter asking for your name underneath it. :greenpbl:
From your flickr
All Rights Reserved

You are automatically reserving all the rights to your work on flickr by default. You are not using any of the creative commons licence options that flickr gives you as a choice to use; therefore (techinically speaking) the website is in breach of the law by using your photo (no matter how it is hosted) on their website without first seeking your permission.

Now this happens all the time on the net (yes it really does) and what action you take should be determined by each case. In this case I would say get them to give you a direct mention and link to your site on their page - yes they have been good in keeping your flickr link valid on their site, but that might also just be fallout from flickr changing their interface and "hiding" the URL and only giving the coded direct link that they have used.
You however need and should get a mention (below the photo ideally) and a link to your flickr or website - and yes all it should need is a nice letter to the bloggers as they aren't using your photo to really turn a profit on their site.
Thanks for clearing the air on that Overread. I saw I had defaulted the normal copyright to my images, but didn't know if that meant they could use it without mention without me putting a special copyright on it.

Thanks for all the info guys :)
Hmm but wait a sec the plot thickens!

I just noticed that in the very far bottom right corner of the blog is a link to a flickr group " New Orleans Flickr Pool" Which your photo has been invited to and added to. Now I don't know if the blog do run the flickr group or not, but it might be that they are going to say that submission to the group includes you giving them the right to put the photos onto their blog (several groups do do this). However looking at the group no such mention is made on their rules or anywhere else.

If they are involved and doing as I just outlined you might want to mention that they add the fact to the description of their group on flickr.
I did notice that, as a few of my other photos were in their slideshow at the bottom. I also checked their flickr group and saw no mention either.

Update: I found the bloggers main website and contacted him through there telling him that I'm excited he chose my photo, but would have liked a headsup or permission be asked before hand and to at least credit my shot. We'll see if he responds, which I doubt, but we'll see. If he mentions anything about that flickr group, I'd suggest they put something in their description like you said.

Thanks :)

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