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got some time today


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Sep 1, 2010
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ok i have some time on my hands today to ask some questions. thanks to the grand ol army messing my teeth up lol. Now i have posted a couple pics and some c&c i got was to change the dof? how would i do that?
to change the dof? how would i do that?
To change dof you either have to open the aperture or close it. The wider you open (smaller f/number) and opposite is true.
The wider you open, the less/shallow dof you'll have, the smaller the f/#, the MORE blurred your background will be and again opposite is true.
Lenses you have mentioned are 3.5-5.6 lenses (except 35).
Which means that at 18mm (lens 1) and 55mm (lens2) you can open the lens as wider as 3.5; when you zoom to 55mm (lens1) and 200mm (lens 2) you'll open it to 5.6.
PROBLEM is that these lenses usually are very soft at anything wider then 5.6 thus I'd recommend NOT opening wider then 5.6. You're 35mm you can open to 1.8 - which will give you MUCH shallower dof/blurred background - BUT BUT BUT - be VERY careful on your focus points b/c if you miss focus you can throw that image out if shot at 1.8.
One final point - MOST lenses are pretty soft at widest apertures, thus its usually recommended to shoot at 2-3 stops down (smaller apertures/larger f/#)from widest open.
Here's wiki's representation on things as well F-number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ONe last, final point :)
unless you're shooting at automatic modes, you have to account for exposure when opening/closing the diaphragm.
good luck
lol they are only perocets just enough to make you feel good but not trip out

double the dose = double the pleasure double the fun. like doublemint gum :)

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