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    I am having some serious problems coming up with ideas for a project I am doing in grad school. I'm taking an advanced digital craft course and we have been working with advanced photoshop techniques. Every idea i've come up with so far has not been good enough for my professor and she is being really difficult it seems. So I am coming here for help. Any ideas, concepts, suggestion etc, will be very appreciated. The assignment for the project is as follows:


    Assignment 3: Truth or Lie


    Much of the material we have covered in the course pertains to the notion of "truth" or objectivity in photography. This assignment asks you to investigate this idea using your own style of photography as a starting point. Make a minimum of four images that demonstrate your ideas.

    The images do not have to be journalistic in nature, but you should be aware of photography's communicative power. Ask yourself the following questions as you are working on your images:
    • How do you interpret or judge the visual information and symbols contained within the image?
    • What meanings can you derive from such visual data?
    • When looking at a photograph, do you evaluate and gauge its truthfulness?
    • Do you consider that this has propaganda potential? If so, who stands to gain from this propaganda?
    • What visual information is necessary to distinguish fact from fiction?
    • Do you consider the subjective viewpoint of the photographer?
    Each of these questions will help you understand the nature of truth in visual communication, and how truth can be suggested and controlled in photography.

    While this brief is open to your own interpretation and you can approach it in any way necessary, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas or need a starting point, you may want to consider using one of the following:


    What do we consider as truth within our own biographies—do you consider family snapshots as shaping your identity and constructing a "truthful" representation of your past? Are there other ways in which you can represent your past using a highly constructed, allegorical image that speaks more to the truth than randomly recorded moments that appear in the snapshot?


    Do you believe that the political history of your own culture was truly represented in history books and school? Is there an alternative view of history or do you feel that you can choose to manipulate the common notion of history to gain political ends?


    Fashion often deals with the fine line between truth and fiction. What are the ways that well-known photographers have approached this? What would be your interpretation?


    Create diptychs that include two images that describe an event—make one "truthful" image, and the other "false" in each diptych.
    Grading Criteria
    Technical Resolution20%Conceptual Resolution 40%Aesthetic Resolution 40%

    Submission Requirements
    • Four Photoshop-manipulated images with open layers to show how files were constructed. Note: "Manipulated" can mean simple image correction controls rather than compositing.
    • A PDF presentation or Web portfolio of your final images.
    • One artist statement that explains your ideas—save as an RTF* (Rich Text Format) file.
    • Zip your files together and upload them using the Submissions section of Blackboard.
    • Upload flattened JPG versions of your files, along with your artist statement, to the Unit 3 Discussion Board for critique.
    NOTE: Please name your files using the following convention: "Yourname_A3_image01.psd" etc.
    Assignment 3 is due at the end of Unit 9.
    Critique: Unit 10.

    * RTF files are less vulnerable to viruses than DOC files and are more likely to work properly on both Macintosh computers and PCs. RTFs can be saved from almost all word processing programs, including Microsoft Word. For more information on file submissions, please see the guidelines at the bottom of the main Assignments page.


    Any suggestions?



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