Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5 w/ 2 Optar Lenses. case. and Accessories


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Feb 25, 2016
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Check out this listing for a Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5 Large Format camera with an Optar f/4.7 135mm lens, an Optar f/6.8 90mm lens, and accessories including flash, flash bulbs, film holders, filters, and an extensive instruction book. All of this comes in its original case.

I was unsure of how to price it so I am auctioning it with a Buy it Now price of $500 (because its condition and all the accessories, original case, and second lens. Would be happy to do a deal outside of Ebay, so throw some numbers at me.

I am selling it as is. I do not have the film or photography skill to test it but to my limited knowledge, the mechanics seems to be in working condition. It could probably use just a little cleaning. The lenses are scratch free and the bellows are flexible and have no holes or patches. The case is in decent condition for its age and latches tight, although the lock has been broken (probably because the key is missing).

Please look at the pictures in detail before bidding to judge the condition. I can take more pictures upon request. Message me if you have any specific questions.


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