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Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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In the country 60km north of Toronto, Canada
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I love all your up close shots you post, I keep trying but something always goes a miss. Is that a Horsefly on #4? I was a baker back in the day so I have been stung by quite a few wasps, they love there sugar.
agreed, the contrast difference in the bright yellow and grayish/blue grape color is awesome on #2

Sucks his lil head couldn't stay still for the shot haha
Thanks guys, glad you liked them. They are all hand held & shot with a Helios 58/2 on a 20mm extension tube. The light was low & I did not want to exceed ISO400 so my shutter speeds were slow & I got quite a few blurry pics.
Wow. I really like #3. Well done!
#2 is amazing IMO. I think #1 could use a closer crop, because all I can focus on is the bright area to the top left/
very nice close up very crisp and colors are amazing good job
#4 is a Cicada... they're all over the place here:confused:

Haha, yep..sure is. I posted a thread on these trying to figure out what kind of bug it was...sucker landed on my screen door..was HUGE. (No I'm not over exaggerating cause I'm a women LOL)
Definitely a cicada..bleh.
You've always got really nice shot...I'm not surprised by these being great too.
I was drawn in by the 'grapes' in the title, wasn't expecting the 'bugs' *new* fascination and (decoration obsession if you will, lol) is: Tuscany-wine-grapes. ...The bee and the details to the grapes are just awesome! Good job! Love them!

You must have one hell of a garden, huh?
The photos are good. I don't know why but I don't feel like eating grape after seeing them.

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