Great Falls in Northern Va (Va side)


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Feb 18, 2013
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Springfield Va.
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Here are a few pictures during an extremely foggy morning during the fall. Perfect storm happened to get this much fog.
20201018 Va Great Falls001.jpg
20201018 Va Great Falls019.jpg
20201018 Va Great Falls026.jpg
20201018 Va Great Falls053.jpg
20201018 Va Great Falls061.jpg
in short: awesome
in length: God-damn-awesome .. #2 wins but every each is great

ps. only the signature just distracts that :( .. I am biggest and the most furious signaturegamist (my word), signatures are so useless, ugly and molestatory to photos, rather resize your photo to 6MP or such when posting that on page like this ...
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Great dramatic set and 1 and 4 look powerful. The last for me tho is where I'd like to be. Happy.
gorgeous set of photos.
Thanks for the compliments guys, much appreciated. I was out there for about 5 hours as it was really foggy and just had to wait for the sun to come out and burn some of it off. I've been there 20 or so times and have never seen it like that, glad I managed to capture some fantastic shots.

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