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Nov 3, 2007
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Interesting, that's the ocean right?
Yeah, it's the ocean. Out in the middle is a floating platform I kind of fell in love with...
I like your critique on photography, rob.
Imthinking that Rob91 is an excellent photog with a good humor:thumbup:
Imthinking that Rob91 is an excellent photog with a good humor:thumbup:

How funny would it be to find out he's one of the best shooters on this site with a different screenname after all the persecution he's gone through.

On to the photo, I liked some of your shots, I just don't really like this one. The unfocused blurry ones kind of started having an artistic feel to me after a while, but this shot is just too underexposed for me to like. To each their own though.
Imthinking that Rob91 is an excellent photog with a good humor:thumbup:

I have a sense of humor but these photos are no prank.
while everyone does has their own opinion on what is art if you post the picture here you have to understand... we all have our own feelings on art. for me it looks like a picture i could have taken when i was down at the beach with my camera phone just because i thought it looked cool.

very grainy, under exposed, unfocused, just very "hey look *gets out camera phone* *snap*" sort of shot for me... thats all
I'm a little puzzled on the actually technique being employed on these. It looks to be high ISO judging by the noise component, which would tend to suggest quite a small aperture and hence a large depth of field - I'm going with aperture as there seems to be some movement in the water, so perhps not the highest shutter speed. Yet these are evenly out of focus from front to back. The only thing that might make sense is if they are very small sections of an image and somewhere there are parts of an image that are as sharp and clear as a bell, because that's where the focal point was.

I'm just curious
does that make all my OOF or underexposed shots works of art then?? :D

If the right person sees them, maybe yes.

By the way, I didn't say I liked the shot.

Although it does make me stop and try to figure out what the originator saw in this scene to make it worth taking a picture.

Then I started looking for the shark fin.. didn't find it... swimmer waving for help... nope..... can't quite figure it out. But I don't dislike it, so I keep looking.... and isn't that what art is all about?

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