Greenland Sled Dog in Summer


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Jan 10, 2006
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The Great White North
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When I was in Greenland, it was August and the sled dogs were 'on vacation'. They are kept chained up in the fields just outside the town (Ilulissat) and I was told they are fed just once a week as that's all they need. In the background you can see 4 'sleds' (or sledges as they seem to call them there) stacked up on top of one of the dog houses, as well as some of the brightly coloured houses on the outskirts of town. This dog seemed so stoic, patiently sitting on a rock in the pouring rain, watching the tourists trudge up the hill to see the glaciers.

Once a week? I don't think that's healthy lol.

Nice pic, what a cool lookin dog.
What what an intense expression! (and it sounds like quite the experience on your part)

Nice capture!
Really cool picture, has tons of emotion in it! Its really not that big of a deal if they are fed every day since in the wild they may not come by a meal in a week or so. They are also probably trained to not have to eat so much so they can do there job longer without stopping to eat. A week does seem a little long though.
Thanks for the comments, everyone! (Surprisingly, I was unable to quickly locate a dog sled team smilie)
Are you sure it wasn't looking out for a passing penguin!
nice shot and a nice looking dog too
This shot, along with elsaspet's Little Red riding Hood, are my favourites of the month so far.
Great shot of an incredible animal.

I think they'd get ruined if they were fed daily. It'd make them fat, lazy and spoiled like 'pets.'

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