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Mar 11, 2012
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Nathalie, Virginia
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Hello everyone, my name is Les and and I am half of Great Oaks Photography. My better half is Alicia and she is the heart and soul of the business. She has a great eye for nature shots and is working on doing portrait work. I am learning slowly but surely about the art of photography. I feel that putting myself in the company of those that are already there is going to be the best thing for me to grow as a photographer. I am looking forward to getting to learn from all of you and learning great and new ways to work the camera. Oh and BTW she shoots with a D5000 which I get to play with from time to time. I am looking to get me a D3100 for my own personal use till I get better and decide to step into a bigger one. Again hello to all and I look forward to meeting you all

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