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Sep 15, 2010
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Ontario Canada
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This is a photo i tok of my three sons this afternoon. I really do like this BUT!!! The big but! do i get all of them in Focus? Is they're a trick to this?
perhaps this could be easier to determine the answer to this if you provided some technical specs like what equipment and settings you were using. Without this information it's really tough to determine
I would start by getting them all to look into the camera.

A deeper DOF comes from a smaller aperture. This shot around f/8 or even f/16 (depending on lighting) would be better.

It could also be your focus points. The tree behind the guy on the right looks in focus. Is this the entire image or did you crop it?
This is the Entire image. My settings i think were on Auto.

I am useing a Nikon d5000
This wasn't an actual shoot, was it? Only one person is actually looking at the camera..
Ohh heck no this particular weekend i had my Boy's all back home togeather so it was a sunday where we all just chilled togeather and i got a chance to try out my new Nikon....I am very very new too all this. Only three weeks.

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