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Oct 21, 2016
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GSMarena Prices

I believe that for cellphones, has the best information. I have referred to their data for years now. It covers the widest range of units. However, in minor ways, I have found some of their information to be inaccurate or maybe misleading.

The first, and most important area which I find questionable is their pricing information. The sources they list are Amazon and eBay (mostly Amazon for international prices). I do not know how they use their data, but it seems to be periodically updated (daily?). The problem then, is that if you are researching some phones that you want to buy, and you gather the info over a period of time, then the pricing information collected that way might cause some mis-judgement of products.

I am collecting some "semi-random" prices. The numbers were accurate when I did this research (Sept 25, 2022). Try searching their database in a month and see how they compare:

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max $929.99
Apple iPhone 13 Pro $899.99
Apple iPhone 13 $645.00
Apple iPhone SE (2022) $379.99

Google Pixel 6a Pro $550.00
Google Pixel 6a $349.95
Google Pixel 5 $373.80

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G $749.99
Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G $629.00
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G $316.79

Sony Xperia 1iv $868.00
Sony Xperia 10iv $360.99

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