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Guess The Histrogram!

Which histogram matches the photo?

  • 1

    Votes: 6 9.0%
  • 2

    Votes: 16 23.9%
  • 3

    Votes: 7 10.4%
  • 4

    Votes: 19 28.4%
  • 5

    Votes: 14 20.9%
  • None of 'em.

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • I have no clue!

    Votes: 3 4.5%

  • Total voters


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Mar 8, 2011
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New to TPF!

"Guess the Histogram"!!!

Yes, that's right! A new and exciting game has come to TPF.

Guess which of the following histograms:


Belong to this photo:


NO CHEATING! (Those who know how to cheat...... well, please....... just don't!)

Vote for your choice in the poll, and post why you voted for that one and why you didn't think any of the others fit.

Fun! Fun! Fun! (And maybe a learning exercise for those wanting to know about histograms)
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I like this! I know which one it is because I cheated but i'm not going to post the answer because it's not the one I thought it would be. :lol:
1 - buut that is mostly a guess (and now I've vote that white arch is staring at me and making me wonder if I shouldn't have picked 2 or 5 - depends if that white is clipped or not
I'm gonna guess 4..

I rule out 1 and 2 because there needs to be a bunch of blue for the sky.

The brightest part of the bridge looks close to clipping to me, so that rules out 3... and the transition from highlight downward seems to have a bunch of tones, not the gap like 5.

So 4... I hope
I'm with analog -- no way it's one, two is clipped and this is close but I'd say not that clipped which means it can't be three which has no highlights at all. It has to be either four or five -- highlights say it's four.


This is an awesome idea!
Not 1 because not enough mid tones.
Not 2 because it's clipped too much.
Not 3 because it's too far to the left.
I guess 4 because it seems right for the exposure.
Not 5 because it's too far to the left.

PS : I like this concept. Really makes you think.
No clue. Was gonna cheat but I don't even know how to do that :). Following along.
I would say 4.
i guess it is #4 since the photo appears to be properly exposed
I went 5 based on the fact it seems properly exposed and has a fair amount of blue with some green and white
I choose 1.
#1 has two fields, a bright, blue-toned one and a darker green, but almost no black. The mid-to- dark tones are relatively evenly spread, with blue in the darker tones, and green in the mid-tones. To me, the bright bridge corresponds to the bright tones, along with the light blue sky along the horizon line. The deep blue (but not black) of the sky along the upper part of the image corresponds to the blue “hump” on the left side of the histogram, and the green-tinted middle hump corresponds to the field of green in the foreground. The yellow flowers seem to be contributing the red/yellow humps in the upper part of the histogram.
#2 has the highlights clipped, with red seeming to be the dominant colour there. Midtones are again, red-dominated. Much deeper dark colours on the left, but again red is the brighter colour.
#3 has no highlights, with the first block of mid-tones dominated by blue. The lower mid-tones are dominated by green, and the dark tones are dominated by red. Some black, not not so much.
#4 has some bright tones with no colour dominating, a smooth gradation towards the middle dominated by blue, a larger block of colour in the low-midtones dominated by green, and a dark (but not black) set dominated by red. With the underlying blue in that area, that would imply a deep brown.
#5 has a little bit of brightness clipping the right, then a buildup of tone, blue-dominated, towards the middle, followed by green in the lower mid-tones and finishing with a red-dominated dark tone area, which again implies brown to me.

Edit: I was going to go with 4, but the amount of bright tones in the bridge did not seem to correspond with the brightness distribution in the histogram in 4.
I haven't a clue but I like the concept of the game. Hopefully I'll become more familiar with histograms.

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