Gull practice


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Apr 28, 2008
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Zürich, Switzerland
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Took a walk by the lake this morning and thought I'd have a go at photographing birds on the wing. Gulls are easy because there's so many of them.

Here's my favourite of the morning.


However, attempts to catch them feeding with the aid of some strategically placed bread ended in abject failure. ;)

Hehe, very nice. The first one is quite impressive. What lens did you use?

The nikkor 18-200, which generally sits on my camera when I go for a walk, and when I have nothing specific in mind to photograph.
Nice. I too have the 18-200 -- but I often have trouble getting close enough to birds for the image to be as clear as yours. I'll have to try harder. :)
Well the gulls round here are pretty tame - all you need is to throw some old bread in the lake and you'll get them swarming around.

The birds that I'd really like a good shot of are the Bussards (Literally Buzzards in english) but I think I'd need at least a 500mm to get anywhere near them - certainly my 70-300 can't - but I think that's off the cards financially at the moment.

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