Gullain Mist


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Feb 8, 2019
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Dundee, Scotland
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Hi guys
This is a pic I took a few weeks ago, I saw it from my car on the road to a town called Gullain, it's actually on a golf course a mile outside the town, so I stopped the car and got out and took the shot, 5 minutes later the mist was gone, Sometimes I think it's one of my best other times I'm not so sure, any opinions good or bad would be appreciated

Canon 80D : f16 1/80 sec: 100 ISO
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Could you try and fill out as much as you can/wish to below.
It does help with getting valuable feedback an not just personal opinion.

-Tech Specs
Make model of Camera/lens
Shutter speed, aperture, iso
Aperture priority/Shutter priority/Manual etc.

Strobes, speed lights and at what power.
Natural light time of day.

-Why did I take the shot?
Just playing around is not sufficient or people will just play around with the feedback. Was it a great sunset? Trying a new technique? There's always a reason to hit that shutter button.

- What was the goal?
What image did you have in mind when you took the image?
Was there a specific learning goal?

- Did I achieve my goal?
This is where you honestly look at your own image. Do you see anything that looks off, takes your attention away from the subject, etc.

- If I could, what would I change?
Everyone should be able to answer this one. There's always that one or two things that you could have done different/better.

-What critique am I looking for?
General critique will get you general feedback. Try and find what you think you need help with and lay it out for us to provide assistance. This will not limit the feedback you get but will ensure that you do get feedback on this topic.

The shot was taken early morning, it looked spectacular from the road, I knew I didn't have a lot of time, the first shots were taken with a wide lens which included the sun to the top left of the image but I couldn't balance the exposure so I changed to a 75-300 lens to cut the sun out of the frame which looked much better, I wasn't trying to achieve anything special it was purely an opportunistic shot
I like it, simplistic in composition and color. Sometimes those "opportunity" shots can't really be improved on.
As an opportunistic image it turned out pretty well.
I like the colour and the scene seems decently balanced.

The contrast is a little low but this is to be expected from a foggy situation. You could try bringing up the blacks/dehaze sliders to see if you like the look.
Thanks for the feedback guys, as Smoke said it's a difficult picture to suggest anyway it can be improved it is what it is,
knowing what makes a good picture sometimes isn't obvious (at least not for me) and it's easy to convince yourself you've taken a good shot when in reality it's really not as good as you think it is or would like it to be, which is why I posted it here for consideration

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