Hairy poppy bud


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May 4, 2006
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Southern California
I find this photo strangely eroticÂ… In a weird alien sort of way. Nice capture, but I would have liked to see the stem unclipped at top of frame.
That is one awesome shot. I love how you can see the petals inside the bud. How cool!
Life truly is the most amazing thing on this planet! And we are part of this miracle! WOW! I like to be able to appreciate tiny budding flowers such as the one you posted as it gets rid of the depression caused by the shear size of the Cosmos.
Urk! Depthafield you just reminded me of the flower scene in "The Wall" Now that's some strange stuff.

Yep jophossa it's a good thing there are lots of "mini" universes or we could get lost in the sheer enormity of it all. I don't think our minds were created to think like that. Just like a squirrel trying to cross the road doesn't really understand just how fast that car is going!

Thanks for the nice comments WNK &Ray :)
Yes, a pity about the clipped stem at the top, but all in all I am a great fan of the "promise" that is in buds, and have taken a good many "bud-only" pics of our flowers, too, to later go back and photograph the flower in full bloom.
This one is nice and very sharp. So when will we see the promise fulfilled?

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