Halifax Dawn


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Jul 28, 2007
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Shot through my dorm window. Thoughts?
I go to Mount Saint Vincent University, 4:1 girls to guys ratio, you can't lose!
Seriously though, it's a good school and there's a few other really good schools in Halifax. And the city is really nice, you should look into it.

Thanks for the comment too!
Very nice shot. The first one almost looks like one you would find framed on the walls inside a local restaurant or office.
The first is awesome, but it looks a little... goldenish to me. Must have been just as the sun was coming up huh? Very cool. I need to run down to Lake Superior the next time it is -20 and get some pics of the fog in the cold.
Nope, the metro centre is more downtown. I'm not sure what that building is.

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