Hardest Wildlife you have photographed

Predators (Wolves, Coyotes, Fox, etc. )are very hard, their senses are so keen that they pick you off without you knowing they were ever there. If you can find a den area you have a gold mine, not only can you get the adults with regularity but when the pups start out of the den you can get those too.

Aerial Bird shots so far have been extremely hard for me because I either can find them in the viewfinder or I can't keep up with them.
Pissed off hornets.

Actually a couple of shore birds that refused to stay in one place for more than a couple of seconds. I couldn’t get closer and didn’t have a long lens.
Yes, Know what you mean, guess those birds know our limitations. I try to walk very slow and once in awhile get fairly close, but does not happen often

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