Hats & Flags

Since nobody commented, I will add my 2p. The problem here to me is "Why use selective color to highlight bright flags that usually stand out anyway"? A lot of forum members dismiss selective color a useless gimmick, but here we have a double selective if you catch my drift. The other problem is that bright little flags usually lift your mood, but the gray background negates this atmosphere completely and the whole picture projects a very confusing message.

In terms of composition I like that there is a couple on the background, but I would have cropped it tighter.

$Hats & Flags (SC).jpg

But that is my opinion, others may disagree.

I actually like small colored flags and an not resist shooting it, but these photos never work. I still have one pic that I know I have to delete, but somehow it is still there. At least I found an excuse to post it here before i delete this cr*p :D

S$w Flags .jpg
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Thanks for responding sashbar. I'll get back to you on this...

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