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May 16, 2013
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london ontario
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thinking of putting this in my portfolio for school?
Nice.. I like this. I'm going to assume that what goes into your school portfolio is reviewed and critiqued by your instructors?

If so, then adding it will be of benefit to you while learning, one way or the other.
Nice shot, but other than looking old and abandoned, I can't get a feel of haunted.
Yeah, a heavy vignette and some tree branches don't make it look haunted. This looks like it was taken during the day, in fact.
I think the house is beautiful but 2 things....
1. It doesn't give me the haunted vibe. Try shooting from a different angle or something to change the mood. It just looks like a big house right now.
2. I hate the vignette. I don't feel like it adds anything. If you want to take a dark photo... shoot at night. I don't know what the available light there is after dark but harsh shadows would give you a more spooky feel. You can also add a model to the photo to give interest and an ethereal sense.
Need some inside shoots to see and feel it.I agree about the vignette.
No "haunted" here.. and the vignette and selective color are not attractive.
Try shooting this same scene using a tripod and long exposure during darker conditions. A full moon and clear sky would help.

Oh, and ****can the vignette.

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