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Aug 10, 2011
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HDR using 6 exposures. I stopped to see what the fuss was about at this spot, I always see painters there. While I was stopped the sky opened up to only cast light down on the 1 hill, it was kind of odd.

Does the fence lead the eye away from the scene? The opening in the sky was oddly casting it's light only on this hill

Hey, it's good! No, the fence doesn't lead my eye much, probably because it doesn't go very far into the scene. But what it does is; it nearly balances the dark on the left while adding just a bit of tension.
Way too saturated, and yes, it would be nice if the fence led more into the picture (minor issue). Mainly the saturation. Otherwise pretty nice!
The saturation in the sky works for me. The saturation in the field doesn't. It seems way too bright - so much that it's hard on the eyes and it's difficult to see the detail. Tone down the greens and I think this is a spectacular photo!

I did a quick hue/saturation/layer mask just to see what it might look like.

great shot the fence adds a bit more interest, dial back the saturation a bit on the grass.
Thanks everyone, I do have trouble with greens. Green/brown colorblind :-\

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