HDR moving water?


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Mar 20, 2009
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How can one properly HDR say, a waterfall? I see these shots of "HDR" waterfalls, and moving streams etc... but how is that done? Are these photos taken in 3 different exposures through the camera, or one photo changed in PP and merged?

I'm sure you could do it either way. But as I understand it, using one photo and changing the exposure to +2 and -2 is not HDR.
You can't freeze the water but if the exposures are long enough to give you the "soft" water look then it wouldn't really matter that it is moving.
Waterfalls in HDR can be harder to do, and they can take longer to format (your editor does, trying to align the image). Generally you're going to want an ND filter and a polarizer (given the conditions of course, but majority of the time) .. Judge what you need to develop your HDR given the scene you have, and shoot it accordingly.
I have a few I can show you, but none currently uploaded. I can post around 3 pm ET if you'd like. Taking three different exposures gives you more control over your hdr and room to play, plus changing one image into 3 different isn't technically HDR, but it'd still turn out fine ..

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