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Oct 31, 2007
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How do you go about creating HDR Tone Mapped images with moving subjects.. To tone map you should have at least two images @ different exposures, correct? If the subject is moving then you can't have two images with diff exposures..
The 'cheater' way to do it is to shoot in RAW, and then you can change the exposure level in processing to get 3 (or more) different exposures to work with.
yea, thats the way I figured, but I wasnt sure if it would work.. So it will give decent results that way? I'll give it a shot..
the results are not the same...but you don't have many options.

If you have fast glass, and open up the aperture and shoot high ISO...you should be able to get a pretty fast shutter speed..and if it's on AEB, then you can get your shots off before the subject moves too far (if it's not going 200mph)...just a thought. Depends on the shooting rate of your camera as well I guess.
Troubke with shotting at high ISO and then using three copies to make an HDR image is that you triple the the noise. So either use good noise reduction software or just try not to use too high an ISO!
If you use Photomatix you can load in one RAW image to create an HDR. I think having only one image might add noise, but I'm not sure. If it does, give NeatImage a try to clean it up. They have a freeware version that has limitations.
you create noise when you change the exposure of a RAW image as well, so the point is kind of moot...lol.

a RAW HDR will work, but you don't get the beautiful results.
I keep reading that one RAW file can be used, but keep getting a 'not enough dynamic range' from both photoshop (cs2) and photomatix (pro 2.2.4). Maybe someone can walk through it step by step?
I get the same thing as well ^^^
this is from a RAW file

If you the HDR program i use (Dynamic Photo HDR) then they have what is called an Anit Ghosting feature, it pretty much enables you to remove moving objects in a way, you can read about it here, but it only applies if you use that program. http://www.mediachance.com/hdri/help/anti_ghosting.htm

If you want to know more about Dynamic Photo HDR, go here http://www.mediachance.com/hdri/index.html

I prefer it over PhotoMatix due to the extra features it has and the added simplicity.

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