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Dec 3, 2007
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south, new jersey
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i upload my 3 jpgs onto photomatix and when i click save as, it wont let me save it as a .gif or .jpg. so i cant upload it onto photobucket or anything. what should i do?
Did you go through the whole process of rendering the HDR already?
go to HDR--> Tone mapping
Photomatix conversts and saves it as a TIF format file. You can open it up in your favorite editor then save as and convert it to JPEG. Hope that helps
go to HDR--> Tone mapping

thats was my problem, thank you.

ok heres my first shot at hdr, :blushing:


my tree is white, idk why it looks blue. anyway, did i do it right?
wtf its all blurry and ****, sorry i didnt know it was that big

I have found that some imaging software will make it look blurry or of poor quality due to its default compression. Just check the settings and save to the highest quality jpeg. If that still doesnt work you may need to download and try another application, that is of course if the camera is focusing right.

You can download and try photoshop CS3 from adobe for 30 days. You can also try Adobe Lightroom. Since you are a student you can get it fairly inexpensive if you decide to use it.

Another program available for free on Windows and Linux is GIMP.
To me the shot you posted does not look like an HDR image, I think it is due to the subject. Try choosing a scene/subject with more dynamic range to practice HDR. Go outside find a place with shadows and sunlight take 3 to 5 exposures on a tripod and then try again.
i saw the original files, and they were blurry to begin with, it seems photomatix adds a lot of noise to my HDRs for some reason though...
Photoshop has an auto align feature that is amazing if I say so myself.
when viewing a photo processed in photomatix it does look like it has a lot of noise although when that same photo is opened in photoshop the noise is reduced. Also when printed you'll find the noise is even less apparent
I agree that this image doesn't even require HDR. I use it quite a bit for interiors (bright windows vs darker interior), I I use it a lot at dusk and dawn. Here's a pretty good example of a good scene I thought needed HDR. Just look for scenes that have really bright areas and really dark areas. And lastly, don't give up on Photomatix, just keep messing with it.


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