HDR's? Whats the point?


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Feb 17, 2009
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What exactly is the point of HDR's?

I've seen some HDR threads today and I really don't understand what you accomplish from putting multiple pictures together, and I really don't understand how they do it!

Thanks, jordan
To put it simpily take three shots one under exposed one exposed correctly and one over exposed. The purpose being to get more properly exposed areas in a photo. In the under exposed you will your highlights should be exposed correctly. In the over exposed shot you will get details in the darker areas.
Well, a quick wikipedia search would probably answer this question (or a search on this forum for that matter)

but basically, an HDR allows you to utilize a much larger dynamic range than a camera can record in a single image. By producing an under exposed, a properly exposed, and an over exposed photo you will have more detail in the shadows, and in the highlights of an image. People often produce quite a dramatic change in the image by doing this.

This is often done with software specifically for HDR's such as photomatix.
Alright, thanks everyone for the quick answers.

Another question, how exactly would you "under expose" and "over expose" ?

Sorry about all the questions, but everyone has to start somewhere!
well, when you get your xs, you can do it by setting the exposure bracketing.

Read the camera manual when you get it, test it out and it will make much more sense than us explaining it to you now.

I'm guessing it would be rather hard with my PS fujifilm a500 right now?
no probably not... I would look for an exposure compensation, or manual mode on your camera. And then under expose it (I.E. use settings that will give less light than what it says you need) and over expose one ( using settings that will give more light than what it says you need) and do one the same as what it says.

generally it's best to do this all on a tripod so the camera stays in the same position for all three shots.
I just looked it up, and it says the fuji a500 has manual mode which consists of white balance and EV. You are looking for the EV, changing that up and down will over and under expose the photos.
HDR is largely for lazy noobs and it usually ends up looking radioactive anyway. I prefer to be in the right place at the right time.

So you never have an image that has a dynamic range larger than your camera can handle? Or do you use exposure blends or what?
HDR is largely for lazy noobs and it usually ends up looking radioactive anyway. I prefer to be in the right place at the right time.
That my friend is a highly ignorant answer.

HDR is to capture within the dynamic range of ones eyes which is larger than any cameras range.

Yes when overdone they look spacey or as you say radioactive..

Do a comprhensive search and take a look at very good ones and I'm sure you find your previous statement highly embarassing.

You my friend have exposed yourself as the noob:er:

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