Heavy Red Sunset


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Nov 28, 2011
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Thought I would share the sunset from the other night :)
As per usual unsure about the crop on this one, it lends itself to a vertical crop I think... but there is too much black cloud above so went with a wide shot.
C&C always welcome!

IMG_4176-2 by Judi Smelko, on Flickr
Nicely done. A very strong sunset. Colors are tremendous. No way would I have even thought about a vertical crop. If anything, I would even crop out a little more of the upper black clouds. Masked some of it on my monitor, and it just jumps right out at you.
Thanks Joel :) I had three crops to choose from one taller, this one, and one shorter lol guess I may have chosen the wrong one ( surprising I know :p )

I'll post the other crop when I'm back on the laptop.
Great shot and I agree with Joel, crop out about (or aboot as you would say ;) ) 1/2 of the black sky and it really pops ! Sunset are one of my favorite things to photograph.
Thanks Nod :)

I love them too but struggle editing them because they often look "unrealistic" to me after lol

Here is the shorter crop:

Red Sunset Crop by Judi Smelko, on Flickr
Thanks Frequency :)
Very nice.

Your shorter crop is much better IMO.
Thanks Dave :)
Very nice indeed. Now this is what I call a spectacular photo. Congratulations!
Thanks Amiracole :) And welcome to the forum :)
Wow !! What a difference in your crop. It's a 100% stronger of a composition. Now the red sunset just grabs you and pulls you into the photograph. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Thanks Joel, I'm much happier with the second crop :)
Very nice! Which part of Ontario are you from? We never get this kind of sunset in Toronto.
Thanks DorkSterr :) we are Midwest Hanover/Durham area. We are definitely blessed with amazing sunsets :)

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