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Just Corinna in real life
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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Look here: Marktplatz - Scheeßel / Scheesseler-Anzeiger

Oh yeah: I won myself a restaurant voucher (50€) with one of my photos making third in the Photo of the Year contest of the local paper. It had become Photo of the Month of April 2008, and out of the 12 monthly winners it then made third. Next to me is the winner of second prize (very same prize), the author of the best photo (no doubt!!!) who won first did not come as he lives too far away (won the same prize, too, or rather: they sent him his 50 Euro), and two of the public who voted for the photos won themselves the same prize, the woman came, the man did not.

You know who I am, don't you? I mean: in that photo?

Can't read a word of the article (except 50 Euro) but am very pleased for you.
Good deal Corinna. :thumbup:
The text says:

They are happy about their restaurant vouchers of 50 Euro: Hannelore Reincke, Peter Wildhagen and Corinna Schleiffer (from left). Foto: Winterhalter (caption)

The readers of "Rundschau" (name of paper) have decided: the three Photos of the Year of the online photography contest to be found under www.scheesseler-anzeiger.de are the works of Thomas Oser from Hildesheim, Peter Wildhagen from Nartum and Corinna Schleiffer from Lauenbrück.
Their prizes are a 50-Euro restaurant voucher for Scheeßeler Hof (a restaurant in the neighbouring town). Two of the readers who voted for the photos were drawn and also won themselves a voucher. The lucky ones were Hannelore Reincke from Westervesede and Manfred Cordes from Scheeßel. (c) Rotenburger Rundschau GmbH&Co.KG

(the words in italics were added by me for a better understanding)
Woo hoo....Congrats Corinna.
Grats, Corinna!

Corinna, way to go! That's awesome! (And a very useful prize too.)

You look great in the photo. (And hey, I see a thumbnail pic of the church in Lauenbrück up in the top right corner of the page to which you linked us!)
Jaszek, you did WELL! Wow.
And Anty, too true: that's Lauenbrück church up in the left corner! :D You've seen it "in person" :D.

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