Hello all. Some nature shots here


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Jun 13, 2006
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St George, Utah
Well I guess this is my first real thread here, so hello to all. I'm by no means an expert photographer and I've been venturing around different forums to find one where I can get some good tips etc. This one seems to fit what I'm looking for.

Well, here are some of my nature photography I've done. Looking forward to comments!

This one I think is a bit too busy, but at the same time, it's kind of funny to look around for the little bee in there.

All of these pictures were taken in Wyoming, by the way. Here's an image from a little trip I took with just my camera and me:

Here is a nice Wyoming sunset near Cheyenne:

Oh, and I'll throw a random image from Mesquite, nevada (in the desert wouldn't ya know). I was trying some different angles on some desert plants.

Thanks for looking all.
Hi Mikel, and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
There are some really nice pictures here, the sunset-panorama is quite striking! And the butterfly photo is super crisp and sharp.
I would not have taken the time to look for the bee (or wasp?) in the first if you hadn't called my attention to it, but now I think it makes the photo. It is strangely coloured, not yellow-black as one would expect, but it seems to be having the colour of the flowers! Wow. Can't say I have seen that kind of wasp ever before.
On my monitor, all your photos (apart from the sunset) seem to be a bit on the bright side. If you go for intense colours, you might consider toning them down a bit, just a tweak, and up the contrasts? Maybe?
That sunset shot is just outrageous, its stunning! :thumbup:

and I like the last flower shot with the shallow DoF

Well done
Thank you very much for commenting guys.

And LaFoto - thanks for the tips, it really helps. I'll see what I can do after work with toning some brightness down and see what it does on some of my shots.


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