Hello! and LR/C1 n00b questions from a Aperture user


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Dec 21, 2015
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Greetings all,

This is my first post in the forum although I have been browsing for last few weeks. Looks like a wealth of knowledge and very knowledge members here.

As the subject of my post suggests, I am a Aperture user who is trying to move in to the post Aperture era. I suspect most of the questions below must already been answered (although I didn't manage to find all answers....) so please bear with me.

Currently I have LR6 and C1 9 installed on a trial basis and I have tried few things. I have the option to go either way or frankly - both ways if the softwares are complimentary.

My requirement - I always shoot RAW. I don't do very heavy editing. Most common sliders I used in Aperture are - Highlights, Shadows, Mid-contrast, Definition, Vibrance and editing in external plugins like photomatix HDR pro, silver efx, Portraiture etc. I don't need photoshop level editing but I did like the advanced features in C1.

My current photo storage is as follows
1. Geotagged original photos in hard drive
2. Cope of same Geotagged photos imported and managed in Aperture library

I kept the duplicates on purpose. I want to retain the editing and metadata adjustments (star rating mainly) applied in Aperture so for each Aperture project I have exported edited and rated photos as 16 bit tiff to the folders with original geotagged photos on the hard drive. So effectively on the hard drive I have original plus edited tiff.

My questions now are
1. When I import these photos in to LR and C1, LR retains all metadata and shows star rating in the photo icons. When I import the same photos in to C1, C1 does not retain the full metadata, at least the star rating info. Given LR is able to read this info I am inclined to believe that the required info is available in images but C1 is not reading/taking it. question - is this normal ? expected ? I checked "load existing modifications"when importing in to C1. Is there any other setting that needs to be enabled for C1 to read and display star rating info ?

2. Is the referenced image folder always read at the startup ? For example
Case 1 - Lets say I have master folder called Photos with 10 sub-folders with images in them and I import them once. Now lets say - I add a new folder under the master folder when LR was not running. Next time when I start LR, will the 11th folder automatically appear in the catalog or will I need to perform some manual action for this to happen ? What about this scenario with C1 i.e. if a folder is added to master folder path when C1 was off-line, will C1 read/display it automaically after starting up ?

Case 2 - Lets say there are 100 images in one of the sub-folder. Now lets say I treat one of the images using C1 when LRwas off-line, export and save a version of the treated image in the same folder. Next time when I start up LR, will this new image will automatically appear in the LR display or do I need to perform some manual action ? What about when the scenario is reversed with LR exporting an image when C1 was off-line. Will C1 read and add/display it automatically ?

3. What is the Aperture's 'mid-contrast'slider equivalent in LR and C! ?

Sorry for the long post.. Thanks for reading and for your help in advance.
Thanks for reading guys. I have figured all the answers except #3. Hopefully I will crack it soon.

Happy holidays!

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Thanks for reading guys. I have figured all the answers except #3. Hopefully I will crack it soon.

Happy holidays!

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I'm not a regular Aperture user, but I'd say the answer to #3 is LR and C1 Clarity (micro contrast) adjustments.

Ok I tried today, don't think C1 clarity is equivalent to mid contrast slider. Shame I can't find the equivalent still coz C1's shadow and highlight recovery is truly awesome!

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