Hello everyone! I do photo edits/commision work!

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    Hi yall, pleased to be joing TPF.

    I wanted to let you guys in on an exclusive offer for all TPF members! $10/Photo touch-ups!

    My name is Steven, and I'm a 21 self-acclaimed starving artist and photo touch-up extraordinaire. I've had years of experience and practice, I was the photo editor for my high school yearbook... and I edit all of my own photography and artwork. I can make your babies less ugly, I can make you more attractive, fix tones, and occasionally turn your boring photos into something you could impress your friends or family with. I can can also restore old photos! 72hr minimum turn around time!


    !!! You won't find a better deal anywhere folks! Extensive edits like photoshopping you inside an x-wing fighter with your ex girlfriend in the backseat may be more expensive, it really depends on how attractive she is. Anyways - If you want to get started it's two steps.. one, you send me an email with the photos, I send you back the watermarked proofs, and you send payment to paypal and I send you the final copies. I look forward to your emails!

    EMAIL ME AT MRDOCTORSIR@GMAIL.COM or respond here 8)! Have a great day.

    If you have lots of photos try acrhiving them into a .zip or .rar file - thanks!

    Link to Flikr Uploads

    Link to Deviant Art Gallery


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