Hello everyone! Noobie here! :) please be nice


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Oct 12, 2010
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clarksburg, wv
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hello everyone my name is Aaron and i live in clarksburg WV. I love photography and editing pictures. I love taking pictures of cars, and cars lol.

ok enough of the intro here are some pics. please remember I am a beginner :) also... my g/f is wanting to get into the modeling business, and I am wanting to get into photography, so the more i learn and know, the more I can help her get into modeling. ;)






These all look underexposed to me. #2 is really bad in this aspect.

I tried to check the EXIF data to see what you might have done wrong, but it has been removed.

Were you shooting manual by any chance?

- Neil
the second picture was edited majorly, that is the reason why it looks underexposed lol. umm the data i have the actual raw file at the house (im in college) so i can bring the raw files back with me one weekend.
btw all pics were taken with my cannon rebel xsi
Only 1 N. You'll soon notice, most of the people here at TPF use capital letters in their posts.

The severe underexposure has been mentioned.

If you are going to leave the camera in auto mode, you're screwed, because the camera knows little about what you are trying to take a picture of.

Many of your shots here are back lit, and the camera exposed for the background, not your subject...the car. For now make sure the Sun is somewhere behind you. To back light the car and still make a decent photograph you need to use fill flash and since a car is so big you need multiple fill flash light sources. When I shoot a back lit car I use at least 5 speedlights.

The backgrounds you have selected...Edit..aren't to good. Keep it simple and plain so the background doesn't steal the viewers eye from the main subject...the car.

Which brings us to basic photography rule #1....Get closer....Fill the frame with your subject. In other words, make an image of the car so the environment the car is in distract from the car.

In short, if you are going to make a photo of the car, make sure the car is the star of the photo.
They are ok. I would pay a little more attention to making the car the center of attention (dont let the background dominate the picture.) Also pay attention to the windsheid reflections. (see last picture)

Easy Basic Photography
They are ok.


Maybe if they were shot in RAW and can be edited in post to have the proper exposure.

And thats just a maybe since we dont know how much editing the RAW files would improve them.

If they were shot as JPEGs only, then its pretty much impossible to get the proper exposure from many of them imo. That is unless exposure was reduced in post to what it is now, and I highly doubt that is the case.

Being honest is the only way that people will truly learn.

OP: They actually are pretty descent other than the fact that they are all underexposed. A few of them are very bad in this aspect, which really kills the photos for me. You will find most people here agree with me on this.

Exposure is very important, and great care needs to be taken when shooting to ensure it is done properly.

- Neil

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