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Jul 7, 2013
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Yokosuka, Japan
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Hello everyone. My name is Ryan. I'm in the Navy stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. I bought a Nikon D5100 in January 2012 as my first DSLR so I could try to document my adventures in Japan with a good quality camera. For the first 7 or 8 months I rarely touched it because I had no idea how to get it to take good pictures. Luckily I started working with some folks that are photographers and they recommended some books and I got hooked, reading and shooting, reading and shooting. I'm here to learn, look at pictures, ask questions/advice, and share some of my pictures to get some feedback from people other than friends and family on facebook. I'm pretty critical of my own work, so I expect you to be also so I can learn from my mistakes and get better.
Anyways... figured I'd fill you in my equipment and I'll soon make a signature to include it so others don't have to ask when I'm making a post.

Nikon D5100
18-55 AF-S VR kit lens w/ UV filter
55-200 AF-S VR kit lens
35mm 1.8 AF-S G w/ Tiffen UV filter(my new favorite toy)
55mm 2.8 AF Macro (old, cheap ($65) and in rough shape and only manual focuses on my body)
Cheap amazon ring flash for the macro lens
Dolica Proline 60-62"? Tripod
Black Rapid Sport Limited (camo and orange) - Awesome strap, even if expensive
Dolica DK-10 Backpack/Sling (soon to be replaced with something a bit bigger)

Future equipment: (might take a while because I'm on a budget because I'm married, lol)
Yongnuo flash (because it's inexpensive)
Nikon D7100 - Awesome viewfinder, focus motor in body and a ton of focus points
Wide angle lens (I like landscape/nature photography) - Looking at Sigma 10-20 , Tokina 11-16 or Nikon 10-24
New bag (trying to decide now... something bigger to hold what I have, and to fit future purchases, plus my Nexus 7 tablet, small books, and snacks/drinks, lol.

That's all, sorry for the long post. Hope to see you all around and share with all of you.
Welcome to the forum .. looks like you have a great start. Look forward to seeing some of your work.
Welcome! I'm living in Okinawa, my family and I are stationed here! Not to far of a flight away. :) Enjoy the forums and your journey in photography.. I've found the members here most helpful.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the forum Ryan and thank you for your service!
Welcome Ryan,

I'm another one down here in Okinawa. Enjoy.
Thank you all for the welcomes :) Japan is nice, and a once in a lifetime experience I'm trying to take advantage of, but I definitely miss the states. Especially my truck, lol. Already have done a lot of searching and learned a lot so far, so thanks for such a great and active forum.
Any chance you could bring me back a cherry blossom grove? Not a tree... the whole grove. I'm working on where to put it.
Okinawa here!

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