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Feb 17, 2009
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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I would like to say hello to all, and tell you that I am becoming a photography addict. My addiction actually started a year ago with another addiction, my saltwater fish tanks. As the tanks progressed I knew I had to start taking pictures. The old camera was taking very bad pictures, so I had to go and buy a new little point and shoot. Well, the pictures were still bad, so I had to have a Sony DSLR. The pictures were still bad, so I bought Photoshop Elements to fix them.

The pictures are still bad, so I've realized it's not the cameras, it's the operator. So now I've joined The Photo Forum in hopes of learning from you all and maybe someday taking good pictures of my tanks.

Good luck with photographing fish in tanks! I've tried on probably 10 different occasions and have never really had success. But if you have a nice fish tank perhaps you can practice much more than i can.

Welcome to TPF :) I look forward to seeing the fish photos
Welcome to TPF.
Hello, and welcome to the forum!

welcome to the forum its nice to have you here

The Minolta 50mm f1.7 is a good lens to use to shoot animals in your tank. You should be able to hand hold it with available lighting ... I am assuming you have fairly bright lighting in your salt water tank.

A fast macro would be handy also if the subject is close.

A tripod is also handy ... unless you have very active fish.

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