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Jan 24, 2012
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Woodford, Virginia.
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Hi everyone,My name is Amanda and I reside 20 minutes from downtown Fredericksburg in Virginia! I've always had a secret passion for photography and just very recently acquired my dSLR. My main subjects being animals, I've done a few "shoots" with people and just enjoy it way too much. I would love to aspire to be a pet/equine photographer, but for now I'm just reading the stickies trying to soak up as much information as possible.. Since I'm clueless. Right now I have a Canon EOS 1000D (or a Rebel XS), with a 18-55mm lens.. Still working to figure this all out, hahaha! I'm looking at taking a photography class this fall, but otherwise I'm on my own for the time being :) Just for fun, here's my main focus and love, Juno! She's a 6 month old Dobermann and one of the most photogenic dogs I've ever met! Haha!
Unfortunately right now I have a crappy computer and I live in the boonies with terrible internet. So 85% of my post will be via cell phone.I look forward to learning and getting to know everyone! Thank you :)
In Lynchburg, VA. Just joined a few minutes ago. Love the stylish pet!
Welcome Amanda, hope you enjoy your stay here at TPF ;)
That suspect your dog is thinking "since she's hooked on photography, soon she'll be lighting me up with some off camera fill flash" =)
Welcome! I used to live in Woodbridge years ago..son and family live in Spotsylvania. Have fun learning your camera...I'm still learning mine.

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