Hello, newbie from texas

May 13, 2009
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Hello my name is Juanita. I'm from Dayton, Texas. I have had a passion for photography since I was a young girl. My dad gave me my first 35mm camera when I was 5yr old. I took pictures of pretty much everything. Now that I'm older i have done sevral weddings, children portrait, events, etc... I'm still learning alot of new tricks and tips. Besides doing photography, I have two children (9yr son and 3yr old daughter) who get most of my time. When the weekends roll around and I ain't book with photoshoots and the kids are at grandma's house I enjoy riding my 4wheeler in the mud.. I am wanting to start my own business but I still have alot to learn before I can do that. I hope I learn alot on here and hope everyone is okay with teaching...

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