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Feb 26, 2009
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hi everyone! i'm new here and i was referred by a friend of mine (impressme). i'm just about a year into my photography and i'm anxious to cram as much information into my head as it will hold. i often find myself sitting at my desk at work (as i am right now) daydreaming about photography. sad, i know. anyway, here is my most recent shot of my son. it still needs some work in pp as it's still a little yellow, but it's coming along. C&C are always welcome and appreciated on any photos i post. it's nice to be here and i can't wait to get to know everyone!!!

2nd that, but save yourself the work and sort the white balance before the shot, or, turn the b/room light out, heh heh. H

This is a good place for the mental cramming.
A vast amount of info is already here but a lot of people find it easier to ask than search... causing a tremendous amount of repetitive, and often not as complete or good an answer. A nice way to learn, is to be pro-active about your education... meaning, don't wait for others to put it on the plate and place it in front of you... there is a good chance the answer is already here so don't be afraid to use the search button and don't be afraid to use google!

When I have a question, I find the answer, I am not lazy about it. :)

Welcome! :D

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