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Nov 26, 2007
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About six months ago I was given a slightly used Mac PowerBook G4 with a bunch of software on it. The person who had it before me was also into photography so it has CS2 (Photoshop and Bridge included in this), Aperture, and iPhoto.
I never had a Mac before getting this one, so I'm still getting used to it. I started teaching myself Photoshop last week and am making some progress. Just yesterday is when I realized that I also have Aperature and did some research on it.

My question is: How do all of these things work together??? Do I still need to use iPhoto if I'm going to use Aperture or do they have separate purposes? Do I need to use Aperture if I am using Photoshop? Where does Bridge fit in, or do I even need to use it? What about Acorn? I'm so confused!

I want to use these things that I already have in the most efficient way. I plan on spending a great deal of time learning how to use these different programs, but right now I need to know if I need to use them ALL or only some.

I just need a Mac tutor!!!!
You would probably use Aperture instead of iPhoto. That's the main reason for it is to organize your stuff. You can make silght changes in Aperture. Then the big stuff, you do in photoshop.

I don't even know what Acorn somebody who's used it can help you.

Aperture also takes the place of bridge (for the most part). There are some things it's useful for (merge to HDR).

Good luck.

PS - Just try. You can't really hurt anything by learning.
Thanks Sideburns!!! I will work on importing my iPhoto library into Aperture and use it from now on.

If I don't have any need for Bridge than I won't worry about learning how it works.

I need to hook up my PowerBook to a printer and print out all the manuals and tutorials I need and just get busy playing around and learning as I go.

I'd be SO lost without this forum!! I should probably also check out some Mac forums so I can bug some other people for answers to all these questions I have!

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