Help choosing the right photo library for my images. Many r interested - have you hea

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    So I have recently been working to get my images represtented by a photo library. I am mainly dealing with travel photography and have spent 5 of the past 8 years on the road building my library.
    I finally put things together and am now looking for representation.
    After putting out a lot of general inquiries I found a lot of interested parties but outside of the "photographers market" and their websites; I don't know much else about any of these libraries.
    I am very new to photo library work.
    Are there websites or guidebooks or references that can be of help for picking the right ones?
    Maybe info on their clients, which companies are the most prestigious, how much their photographers make on average, how much their photo's sell for on average, how much sales in total the company makes...
    Do any of you shoot for libraries and can offer advice?
    I do have some work represented by Lonely Planet; but I still have 95% of my images up for grabs. I am so grateful for all the images and want to pick the right one. I think I would be a valuable commodity in the future to these travel libraries as I am very mobile and travel/photo on a global scale for long periods of time.
    Here is a list of some of the interested parties:

    - novastock
    - firstlight
    - eyeupiquitous / hutchison
    - focus new zealand
    - jaytravelphotos
    - plans ltd.
    - accent alaska
    - Danita Delimont
    - Kiefer Nature Stock
    - Outside Imagery
    - the photolibrary group (garden picture library, fresh food images, oxford scientific)
    - photoagora
    - out of the blue
    - the image finders
    - okapia
    - dkstock
    - animalsanimals
    - lightwave
    - photoshelter
    - dreams of the blue
    - rainbow

    Any of these familiar? Should I look at some other agencies as well?
    My main site is at

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    just wondering if anyone has heard of any of these agencies and can be of any help. i've seen a number of people viewed it but no comments....maybe these are all unknown agencies that i should be wary of?

    oh and a few new agencies with interest....

    maxx photo
    argus photo ltd.
    blend images

    heard of any of these?

    and i thought it was quite difficult to get your work into photo libraries. i was quite impressed that this many companies showed interest in my work; but maybe they show this sort of interest in most photographers? are they looking to accept most of them?

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