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Mar 25, 2009
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Baltimore MD
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I am trying to desgin my logo for LIFE IN STILL IMAGES and im lost on what to make a logo so i figured that i would come to the world wide web and know someone will come up with a fantastic design and maybe if its really good i could paypal you some $ as a thank you it wouldnt be much as i am really broke lol and also i would put your name on my disclaimer if you want to credit you for the design.....
I'm getting married next month and I want some really great photographs, so I've come to the world wide web. If they are really good, I might even pay for them.
Graphic design, not unlike photography, is a skill and a talent...and if you want something good, you will likely have to pay for it.

One option you might try is a graphic design site/forum. They could give you suggestions/help but some of them allow you to post a job/competition. You post up your requirement and what you will pay the winning design. Then, hopefully some of the designers on the site will come up with something good for you.
Check out Design Outpost - Custom Logos, Web Design Templates, Business Cards, Letterhead, Stationery, and More
I'd be willing to help you out. My prices are really inexpensive (scroll to the bottom of this page: zerflin)
Where are you in B-more? I live here too.
Not a very positive post. Would you shoot a wedding for $400.00? If you are in the field you can see why this post is slightly ridiculous. Maybe try CraigsList.

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Like big mike posted. My friend is a graphic designer and showed me those sites where you put up your the price you are willing to pay for a logo (or full set of branding graphics) Describe what you are looking for, what your business is about, examples of logos you like and what you like about them. Then designers start submitting different logos. You can then put some in a list that are your favs so that designers know what your leaning towards. Designers make revisions and then resubmit more options. Then you make final picks. The site acts as mediator it takes your cash, takes the designers files and makes the trade. Granted if you price offer is higher you attract the better designers to compete for your business. So it's the old 'Get what you pay for'

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