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Jul 13, 2010
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Hey all! I need your help as soon as possible. I want to enter a contest for the 1st time ever, the theme is portrait. I have been to a photo shoot today, and please I need your help to choose from all of those photos that I took, just a single one.

The photo cannot be edited in photoshop, the only changes that I can made are crop, resize, sharpen, soften, noise reduction, contrast adjustment and color balance.

So please guide me and tell me what photo is the best looking one and deserves to be entered into the contest. Also, you can modify a photo to look better, if you think it will make it a better one and will make it to the contest.
Here is the link, there are 3 pages, please help me choose the best from here, as the contest is very soon. I am looking forward to your reply.
Portraits 2 pictures by ovvi - Photobucket
This is the one I like the best...
13 or the one above. Not sure why you decided to cutoff part of her face or head in 90% of those. 13 and the one above are pretty flat and could use a contrast bump as well.
Contrast would be your friend here though.

This is just a quick edit I did on it.

twinkly is headed in the right direction with the edit...

fill light, levels...maybe some healing.

the pphoto needs work, but it might be able to be saved.
her red cheeks need leveling out.... I just didn't feel like trying to mess with it. If I were messing with it I might drop the saturation on the background a tad, too.
my eye keeps going to the blemish on her arm.

im with ya on desaturation, but i may go so far as to do it to the whole pic.

your edit is a big improvement! the shot sooc is not contest worthy imho.
Thanks for taking time to post! So this photo you say is the best of what I have. Also it needs a little editing I see, but if you do so, try only to use just those options:
crop, resize, sharpen, soften, noise reduction, contrast adjustment and color balance.
I cutoff her head in most of the shots because I was aiming for the eyes, I wanted to get a special shot of them, but not quite succeeded.
Also, I was aiming at this shot, this one was something that I liked (b/w lover here).
Thanks again, I will try to edit the photo a little.
and since we're getting down to the nitty gritty...

the fold that is happening to her upper arm cam left, and the effect the strap is having is rather unflattering. not sure how to advise you on that one.
she's wearing a Mozilla Firefox bracelet.... weird.

p.s. even weirder... the spell check in Firefox totally just told me that Mozilla and Firefox were misspelled.
Ok, I am beginning to think this is not the right photo for me to enter in the contest. What do you think about this one? I mean, do you think it is not that great? I don't think it has many flaws like the one you have considered (the one above). Also, please give me a link to a portrait-tips photo shoot or something.
Thanks again.
i think i like that one ^ better.
the lighting appears a bit flat so some contrast bump and level adjustment could do it some good.

i like that one there.

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