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Jun 8, 2013
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Im buying my first dslr soon ill get the nikon d3100 or the nikon d3200.Im looking for the right lenses and i dont know allot about lenses so i need your help.I need lesnes that are good for animal photography and nature.Thank you for your help.
Stick with the kit lens until you know what you want, whether it be a wider/longer focal length or a faster lens.
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I think the best "value/price/utility" zoom lens is the 70mm-300mm f/4.5~5.6 VR-II lens, made by Nikon. It goes from a 70mm telephoto to a 300mm telephoto, and if you buy it refurbished, it can be had VERY affordably; last month, Nikon sold some direct in their Memorial Weekend sale on-line for $269.99. NEW, at full-bore, list price at a high-priced walk-in shop it's still $589, but used prices are about $350 or so. I own one, and it's pretty decent. It's what most "regular people", and the testers at DxO Mark are now calling a wildlife lens. DxO Mark is a web site that has tests of the best "wildlife lenses", and this smallish Nikon lens is one of the best choices. It has the inside-the-lens ultrasonic focusing motor that the D3100 and D3200 NEED ((literally, they NEED this!) to autofocus, so, as I see it, that is "the" lens you want. I enjoy mine, and think it is actually up to the task of a 24MP sensor, like the one the D3200 has. In terms of price, I would definitely buy this lens USED--definitely, go for a used one! Many people bought these lenses, and then when they upgraded to the D800, they sold them as they upgraded lenses to the $2400 70-200 V-II model.
Start with these 2 lenses

18-105m kit lens
50mm 1.8G prime

And if you can then add the 70-300mm VR tele zoom.

These will cover most to all your initial needs.

If you will get only the body then you can get these lenses used.

18-105mm around 190$
50mm around 150$
70-300mm around 300$

Good luck

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