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Jun 23, 2013
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Hello!, never looked in this forum but it seems cool so far so i might stick around.
I want to share with you a problem I have.. I do photography for about 4-5 years now, and im 18 years old.
for my 18th birthday my parents asked me if I want them to buy me a new Camera which is probably going to be a Canon 5D mk3
for now im shooting with a canon 50D, so this will be a huge upgrade for me.
The thing is.. I feel like i dont much photography as i want to.. i really like doing photography but i rarely shoot photos..
I know a lot of people which do tons of photography only as a hobby and I wish i could be like them but im not
So this causes a problem for me.. the 5d is a very expensive camera (although if im getting it i will sell my 50D, so that will help with the price..)
Should i ask my parents to buy it for me even if i dont do a lot of photography? it really troubles my mind because it is very expensive
Hope you guys can help!
Why ask for something that you're not going to even use much?

In my opinion it would be frugal for your parents to spend $1000s on a camera that will barely get used.

You say you love photography, but you hardly ever shoot? That makes no sense to me. If you love photography you should be shooting all the time.

Welcome to the site and hope all goes well for you.
Well.. I wouldn't say that im barely going to use it.. I do jobs here and there, sometimes take friends to model for me.. or when i go somewhere interesting i take my camera
but i dont know if that use is justifying the price tag.
Im also thinking about working as a club photographer.. maybe thats worth it
Well, first, I would say that not everyone is fortunate to be able to expect such a gift. It tells me that your parents see in you, perhaps, an inate talent that might be cultivated by the addition of some higher end equipment. Second, I think it's admirable that you're questioning whether or not it's "right" to ask them for it.

The solution to your dilemma is a simple one, really.

If they get you the camera, honor their commitment to your photography by changing whatever it is that keeps you from doing a lot of it, nd get out and shoot! You'll have an amazing piece of gear that begs to be used, so use it! Shoot anything and everything. Always have it at the ready. Doing so will not only clear your conscience, but will afford you more of an opportunity to shoot.

You're a fortunate young man. If they buy you the camera, they'll be doing it because they want you to enjoy it.

So do that...
What he said ^^^

Very well stated Steve
Is there something that you would rather receive for your birthday present?
Steve has already given a great answer to justify the camera so I won't try to match that.

What I will ask is what do you enjoy taking photos of? What do you enjoy doing with the camera and, aside from the 50D, what equipment do you have now? Even if you sell the 50D to help make up part of the price that is still a big investment in the 5DMIII. You might find that you could get a 5DMII for less and put the remaining birthday fund into other gear - lenses and lighting equipment can be fantastic additions to your setup and might well help get you out shooting what you want a lot more.

Also remember if you do get the 5DMIII and sell the 50D any EFS lenses you have (crop sensor lenses) won't work on the 5D series bodies so you've that fact to keep in mind as well.
I agree that you may be better off having your parents buy you the equivalent $ amount in better lenses instead of a better body, depending on your needs.


* you take a lot of pictures of low light indoor events or night scenes, the body might be best
* you take a lot of telephoto pictures (head and shoulders portraits, birds, wildlife), the money might be better spent in a fancy 70-200 f/2.8 lens or similar.
* you do a lot of wide angle landscapes and things, get the body, UNLESS none of your wide angle lenses are compatible with a full frame...

etc. etc.
Now that I think about it.. its not a good idea.. most of my lenses are for crop sensors
I think that the only ones that I have that will work with the 5D are 70-200 f/4L and a 50 1.8
Thanks for clearing it up for me guys
I have 6
Canon 70-200 f/4L
Canon EFS 17-55 f/2.8
Canon 50mm f/1.8 II
Canon 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS (Kit)
Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6 HC HSM
Samyang 8mm f/3.5 fisheye lense (manual)

that means I can only use the canon 70-200 and the nifty fifty?
No, the 28-135 is also a full frame lens, too.
And I believe you can use the Samyang as well. It's just that you will be able to see the sides of the circle. But I'm pretty sure it won't damage your mirror.

The sigma and the 17-55 would be no-go's, though.

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