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Mar 24, 2006
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I need to turn in a portfolio of 6 prints done in the style of Aaron Siskind...

These are two of the prints I am considering for the project. Are they close enough representations of Siskind's work? Or does my style need some tweaking in order to get closer to his style?

Specific comments on contrast, subject matter, lighting, and composition will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!


Aurora, 2006


Milk Tank, 2006
i'm not familiar with his work, but you've captured some nice texture in these shots... that probably helps a lot, huh?

edit: especially considering it is 10 days late... i don't get in critique much... :lol:
Oh dear, I am not familiar with that photographer, either. So I cannot say if you came close to his works... would need to check him out myself first in order to give you a proper answer.

However I do find that if textures are what you were after with these two you have succeeded quite well. Personally, I find it best solved in the first, and the lichen (which I guess it is) in the second is just a tad blown out somewhere in the upper middle righthand half... but I guess you can still do something about that?

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